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Creative small business owners... 

Are you ready yet to free up your valuable time and head space?

Are you ready to get your business systems automated and get on with the important stuff... ...serving your customers and making sales.

How many times have you bought 'something to help', or paid for 'expertise' you didn't need; it feels like money poured down the drain.

I know...'re fed up with the frustration of what it takes to 'pull it all together', and working harder is not an option; you're already doing that!



You Just Want The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Online Business


Let's face it, you don't need to be...

...mentally juggling endless lists of tasks and looming deadlines.
...frustrated with tech, automations and funnels
...desperate for some extra hours in the day to pull it together.
...overwhelmed by puzzling low conversions and poor sales.

Does any of this have you nodding your head?

 (You're not the only one, I promise)

  • You've got great ideas to grow and expand your services to help more customers. Courses, memberships, workshops, new product lines and digital items.
    BUT... it's draining losing days trying to find the right platforms to host and sell them, or find the right walk-through tutorials which make sense!
  • You know you need funnels, pipelines, evergreen automation. 
    BUT... which ones do you really need, how do you set them up, how do they link all together and why are there so many costly options?
  • You've heard about the importance of tagging, segmenting and streamlining. 
    BUT... what on earth does that mean you need to do, and why does it make you feel stupid and overwhelmed not being able to get to grips with this part of your business?
  • You wish running your business was a lot simpler to figure out.
    AND... enough is enough, you know there's no magic formula, it's not getting easier the more you try and giving up is not an option. It's time to call in...

Now it's time to simplify your business and feel the benefits.

What if you could have this when you wake up everyday?


In yourself as a business owner


What really will work best for your vision


In where and what you most need to focus on


No more overwhelming decision fatigue


To grow and your expand ideas


To take inspired action on those ideas

Let's get started with...

  • freeing up space by clearing out all things you don't need
  • simplifying your tech, systems, funnels and pesky automations
  • creating a nurturing experience for your customer journey 
  • moving away from decision fatigue with my support
  • maximising sales of your services, offers and products
  • guidance on building up what you need to work for you
  • having an expert on your side who 'gets it', and doesn't faff about with checklists!

Ok, I can't promise there won't be checklists...!

I can promise my help, understanding, and expertise.
You can design and build YOUR BUSINESS on YOUR TERMS, at YOUR PACE. 

And most of all, have time to breathe and be back in control.

Are you ready..? 

Hi I'm Kate, and I GEEK OUT on the tech, automations and funnels for online businesses.

I've helped business owners and entrepreneurs around the world, LIKE YOU, get their services, products, courses, and memberships up and running online.

Are you ready to get serious?

Yes, I'm in and serious about my business


The Strategy Success Lab Membership

For creative small business owners and entrepreneurs who know there is no magic formula, but just want a simpler way of...

...'pulling it all together' 

Ok, maybe a simple checklist would help!

This is what happens in The Lab. 

Firstly, you’ll be an immensely valuable part of a growing community of business owners who are fed up with industry guru 'shoulds', and want to share ideas and possibilities to lift each other up and support each other, by injecting a new sense of fun into their business life, and understanding when things don't go as planned.
  • You'll build a sustainable and profitable business, on your terms and at your own pace, without wasting time and money on all the shiny things which don't matter.  Recognising what is working well is a key part of this process.
  • You'll maximise sales of your services and products by creating an easy way for customers and clients to buy them.
  • You'll streamline your business systems to focus on creating a nurturing experience for your customers' journey.
  • You'll create an effective overall business vision with the right strategy campaigns which work FOR YOU on your terms; not what something else thinks you should be doing because it works for them.  You are the expert of you!
  • You'll have weekly group calls and a Facebook group to bring any questions or ideas. It's also a place to sort out frustrating techie faff and automation nightmares. Which, with peer support, makes a HUGE difference to your time, energy and sales. 


    We work together on all aspects of your business by putting your customers and clients at the forefront of everything. Your vision, your mission, your values, the decisions you make, the systems you create; we embed the essence of the wonderful uniqueness of you into your whole business structure. This is what makes your business stand out above the noise and reach those who need what you do.

    As a Lab member, you'll have me in your back pocket for continued support in your business; a place to get niggly issues sorted quickly so you can move forward. 


If you want to know more...

Here's how it works...

The Lab is a clutter free membership with no overflowing vaults of information! 
  • Road Map/Action Plan
  • Business Foundations
  • Customer Journeys 1
  • Online Platforms
  • Website Functionality
  • Lead Magnets
  • Marketing Strategy 1
  • Systems
  • Tech Stacks
  • Funnel Foundations
  • Automations/Tagging
  • Services/Products 1
  • Landing/Sales Pages
  • Analytics
  • Payment Processes
  • Sales Talk 1
  • Services/Products 2
  • Funnel Integrations
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Content
  • Customer Journeys 2
  • Growth Road Map
  • Action Plan
  • Sales Talk 2
  • Outsourcing/Hiring
  • Services/Products 3
  • Customer Journeys 3
  • Marketing Strategy 2


£59 pm

Minimum of 3 months initial commitment, then monthly.




Annual commitment. 12 months for the price of 10.


Lab Accelerator

Fast Track

6 months mentoring service with accountability.


My 'Stay as long as you want' guarantee. 

Once you've reached your initial commitment, if you don't love The Lab, you can cancel at any time and your membership will continue until the end of your paid period.  

P.S. Most people won't read this as it's the boring bit!

The Strategy Success Lab is a commitment to seriously build your business, with a sustainable customer journey experience, and streamline your systems. Businesses need love, care, and nurture to successfully thrive.

Be prepared to review your current systems and change or update anything that's not providing you with the space you need to expand and grow. 
There's no magic wand, most things will take longer than planned, but there are ways to streamline your business and really get it working, on your terms.
Your business is in danger if you're not getting the results you want. It sucks the passion out of what you do, and that equals disappointment.
P.P.S. You will have a fresh new approach to your business, and how YOU want it to fit into your life.  This is what gives you the confidence and freedom to remember why you started your business in the first place so you can enjoy the results of your hard work. With a heap of support hug wrapped around, you can stop worrying about how to keep things going.
P.P.P.S. (Ok, I'll stop pssing about now!) It's also about having fun! The Lab is for entrepreneurs to live the dream... ha ha... albeit a realistic one. I was too short to be a model 'back in the day', but now... the world is my oyster! 
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