Podcast Trailer

Season #1

Hello there and welcome to my podcast Behind the Strategy.

I’m Kate Whitley and this podcast is for small business owners who, like me, love listening to podcasts and want to be inspired and motivated to keep moving forward in business in life and get those creative juices flowing.

I love listening to podcasts where guests share what's behind their own strategy, how they got to where they are today, what struggles did they face, how did they overcome them. Sometimes the simplest of stories have the most powerful impact. That's what I’m bringing to you. I have some amazing guests who are going to be sharing with you what's behind their strategy, I’ll be sharing their stories and also bringing you some smaller bite sized messages picked up from experience and just being around fantastic people who've inspired me.

Thank you so much for being, here please pop over to the website, https://www.strategysuccesslab.com/podcasts/behind-the-strategy, and perhaps you too could be one of my guests and come along and share what's behind your strategy. Everyone has a story to tell and that story could just inspire someone else today, so please share the podcast, please go and share any of the episodes that you hear with somebody who you think might need hear that message.

Thank you to all my amazing guests.

Let's go and see what's Behind the Strategy!